A Transdisciplinary Research Approach

Combining stakeholder engagement, tools for values transparency and ethical literacy, and planning, art, and design with fundamental research in areas such as Earth sciences, engineering, statistics, as well as policy-and decision-analysis, PSIRC will work with communities to identify key challenges and leverage Penn State resources to conduct the necessary education, research, and outreach.

This work will not only serve our communities but also serve to catalyze fundamental new research relevant to these problems while also improving modeling and decision-analytical capacity. Transdisciplinary methods for integration include:

  • Ethics: to support values transparency and dialogue about values trade-offs;
  • Earth Science and Hydrology: to identify potential and projected hazards and map design choices to outcomes;
  • Statistics: to quantify hazards and avenues to reduce uncertainties;
  • Law: To identify legal barriers and to develop choices to outcomes;
  • Engagement and Decision Support: to help stakeholders and decision makers understand and navigate the trade-offs;
  • Decision Analysis: to identify robust strategies that navigate the trade-offs between the values identified through stakeholder engagement and ethical analysis; and
  • Art and Design: for tangible application of choices and meaningful translation of science-based information.